Claw Machine hire for your event in Barcelona

Claw Machine

Claw machine hire is an excellent option for your trade shows, congresses, parties, etc. These classic machines are a great way to give away prizes at an event you are holding. 

It could be a night party at a disco, or you might be looking for an enjoyable way to maximize traffic at your trade show booth; you can rent a claw machine today since it is a perfect addition to any event your guests will love. Not only does it grab prizes, but attention as well! 

What We Offer

The claw machine hire can be personalized with your brand and company colors, and you can select prizes based on the sort of event. We may also add inexpensive toys and other incentives to fill the unit. Claw machine rental is ideal for promotions because they can be customized with your logo or branding. We may rig up the claw to use your goods or giveaways or supply the product for the crane.

Whether for short-term or long-term hires, as experts, we go above and beyond to ensure your rental purpose is a success. We take pride in our simple booking procedure and are extensive and flexible enough to accommodate your particular needs, venue set-up, and pack-out times.

The arcade claw will be delivered, set up, and installed on location for use by you, your team, or “brand ambassadors.” Even though the game is self-contained, we can arrange for qualified promotional employees to attend and manage it if needed. 

They are great for brand activations, exhibition stands, promotions, and celebrations. Claw machine rental enhances any campaign and looks fantastic on an exhibitor display. They also make the perfect gift giveaway item.

Why Hire a Claw Machine in Barcelona

Everyone enjoys this popular game, which has long been a favorite among customers of all ages. The game’s objective is as simple as guiding the Grabbers Claw above the prize of your choice and pressing the release button. 

The grabber’s anticipation for the potential winner builds when the prize claws grasp the award. Though fear not, we have complete control over the win probability and the know-how to adjust the software to ensure your customers win as frequently as you desire, delivering that winning feeling and encouraging positive interactions with your brand or business. In arcades, probably not, as every claw machine rental is electronically controlled.

The Takeaway!

Our knowledgeable crew knows how crucial it is to stay true to your brand. Our studio will email you a visual rendering of your claw machine before it goes to print so you can approve the design. 

We are happy to make any necessary changes, so feel free to shift that logo or add a little more over there. Our creative staff will guide you through each stage and ensure that we can give you a claw machine rental prepared for your event. Please get in touch with us if you want to hire a claw machine for your event; we’ll be happy to assist you

Feel free to contact us on our website by filling out the inquiry form, or you can contact us at We offer a satisfying customer experience and will not let you down!!