Hire Air Hockey Game Table in Barcelona

Air Hockey

Air Hockey Game Table Hire in Barcelona

Would you like to opt for an air hockey table rental for your upcoming gathering or business event? We provide a vast selection of air hockey tables for rent.

One of the most thrilling games at the arcades is air hockey, which can be played by up to four players and is appropriate for almost any occasion: Congresses, trade fairs, business gatherings, and festivals. A newbie may quickly learn how to play air hockey, and it’s an entertaining way to pass the time at events. If there are a lot of strangers at the event, it’s also a terrific opportunity to meet new people.

Our air hockey table for rent is a thrilling, quick-moving race to outwit your opponent. It is the perfect addition to any team-building exercise, birthday celebration, or corporate event. The game is simple to learn, but you must be witty and have a little bit of puff!

What We Offer

Our air hockey tables are ideal for business parties, student fun days, weddings, and birthday celebrations. To safeguard the air hockey table from the weather, we ask that it only be used indoors or outside when covered by a marquee or gazebo. 

Additionally, due to the weight of this air hockey table, we can only deliver to ground floor locations unless a lift is available.

We take care of everything: we deliver the air hockey rental to your event, put it up, check that it functions, and we even give you the choice of hiring one of our hostesses to watch over the table while the event is going on.

Why Hire an Air Hockey Table

Your event will be more enjoyable and nostalgic with our air hockey for rent. It is the most straightforward yet competitive game of all and an arcade classic. In air hockey, you compete against another player in a quick match. 

While your fast wits, speed, and coordination can save you, you require abilities. Any occasion would benefit from the inclusion of our air hockey table rental. The timeless air hockey game will provide hours of entertainment at your event, whether players go one-on-one, compete in teams, or the winner remains on.

We carry air hockey tables for rent that can be fitted into even the most challenging places, so if you want to hire an air hockey table but are worried about space, don’t worry. All necessary equipment is included with our air hockey table hiring service. The air hockey tables are not coin-operated, so your visitors can play all night long, much like our table football table hiring service.

Whether the attendees are children or adults, air hockey is fun. The surface makes it easy for the puck to glide, and the illuminated scoreboard and digital timer will ensure that the game becomes more enjoyable as the intensity rises.

The Takeaway!

Everyone has memories of playing air hockey as a child at arcades. Any day is made better by the fast-paced competition, and everyone can play air hockey because it’s so simple to do so!

Air hockey requires sharp vision, quick hands, and lightning-fast reactions. There is nothing better than an air hockey table for rent to have a fun time if you enjoy slamming pucks and scoring points to win games!

Feel free to contact us on our website by filling out the inquiry form, or you can contact us at info@games.barcelona. We offer a satisfying customer experience and will not let you down!