Hire games for events in Barcelona 

hire games events Barcelona

When you have a party or celebration planned, it is important to offer your guests not only good food, but also entertainment and fun. An excellent option is the hire games for events in Barcelona.

It is a comprehensive service that includes a series of machines, equipment and devices with sports themes, agility, dexterity, strength and more. Do you have an event in the next few days? Find out what you can offer your guests and entertain the evening.

Types of games for events in Barcelona

The hire games for events in Barcelona is a fantastic proposal totally different from the conventional. Getting out of the routine in your celebration will make your guests be completely surprised. You can make dynamics and raffle gifts for those who win in the different challenges proposed. Let’s see some of the available options of machines that you can hire:

Arcade Machines and video games

You can have your own arcade room at your particular event. With old themes that will enliven the memories of the guests. Also, there are fairground machines, those that used to entertain you a lot in the past, fully mechanized. They work with tokens, as it used to be, or automatically so that each guest can set his or her own record.

Board games

For the more passive, but still like to have fun, you can request the best games of the month of the moment or of the past. Also, available for the most competitive are the fabulous foosball table, in its regular and giant version, so that more people can join in the fun. Other fun table games include Air Hockey, billiards and ping-pong.

Casino games

For the more adventurous there is game rentals available for events in Barcelona with a casino theme. Surprise everyone with roulette tables, blackjack, poker, fortune roulette and more. It is an excellent option for those who love gambling and want to party harder.

Pinball machines

Pinball machines are sure to brighten up the evening for many of your guests. Without a doubt, they are very entertaining and will awaken the competitive side of anyone. We have pinball machines of different themes, so you will have a variety of options to choose from. 

Ping Pong

One of the most entertaining games of all times is ping pong. If you want to test your skills, this game will interest you. The participants will fight a duel to see who will win. Are you ready?

Turn any space into an arcade

The range of services for the hire games for events in Barcelona is extensive. You only have to check what is available or simply express your wishes. No matter the age of your guests, much less the theme; now you can have your own game room tailored to your needs.

Bringing back fabulous childhood memories with machines from the past and old games will be a great time for your guests. Have fun together friends and family, celebrate your joy and make it different, contact us now!