Hire a Table Tennis or Table Football For Your event in Barcelona?

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We help you choose the best game rental in Barcelona for your event to enjoy a wonderful time!

Choosing an entertainment option for a private or corporate event is not an easy task. We recommend you choose game rental for events in Barcelona, but inside the category, which game should you go for? We wrote this article with a few examples you should have in mind to ensure you select the appropriate game for your gathering according to your audience, space, and budget.

How Old Is Your Audience?

Both games entertain all age groups but depending on the specific audience at your event you might want to tilt your head to one or the other. Football tables, for example, are great for amusing children and young adults, whereas tennis tables are perfect for adults who are tennis aficionados. When you search for football or tennis table rentals, ask about what group of age they’re regularly booked for.

What’s more, depending on how old your audience is, you might want to consider the “easiness” of the game rental too, thus ensuring a little competition and thrill on your evening. With this said, the previous statement can be reversed since children might find tennis tables a bit more fun since the ball can go anywhere, and adults will be glad to have a brief football match with their peers.

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Where Is Your Event Taking Place?

If you’re limited with the amount of space for arcade rental, you might want to choose your game wisely. Game rental for events in Barcelona only goes well if people are comfortable using them, therefore according to your location and space, which game should you choose?

To begin, if you have a tight budget or only want to have a few game rentals in your event, and you have plenty of space to fill, we recommend you choose tennis tables. Guests can move around with ease and the movements will make the rest of the space look ample but not too crowded.

For planners who are working with a limited room then football tables are the perfect way to entertain guests without filling precious space. You can align the tables and still have a place for your attendees to appreciate a nice football match.

Games Barcelona Can Help

Games Barcelona is the leading game rental company in Barcelona and other cities, providing the best entertainment options for your event. We have over 40 different

games you can choose from, all fully customizable so you can market your business or party in any way you want. We can provide you with the best table tennis rental prices in the market, and we guarantee an incredible service.

Choosing to rent games is a great idea for surprising your guests with something unique and giving life to your gathering. We can help with this and more decisions as well as indicate the best theme party ideas you can use to stay on top of your game.

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