Hire Pinball machines in Barcelona

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Hire Pinball Machines in Barcelona

Pinball machines are a trendy arcade game to engage with during any event or party. We at Games Barcelona have various themes for our pinball machine rental. You can keep them at free play or coin operation according to the event you host.

If you want to add a bit of fun to your next event, try the pinball machine rental we offer for a great way to let your guests have an experience they will never forget when they interact with each other. All your corporate events, congresses, parties, etc., will be unforgettable! We are reliable enough to offer the complete service with the pinball machine rental. This includes whatever you need from set-up delivery and take down. 

The main goal of renting a pinball machine is to keep your ball in play for as long as possible by using solid flippers to keep it bouncing around the table. 

This will allow you to accumulate points and unlock additional bonuses like multiple and video modes. People of all ages can still have fun playing these traditional games. A wide range of themes are available, so practically any occasion may be catered to.

pinball arcade table
Event in Barcelona with arcade games, giant table football and pinball machines.

What We Offer

There is no better place to choose amusement than Games Barcelona, one of the top suppliers of vintage arcade equipment. We take great delight in providing some of the most well-liked arcade games over the years and restoring them to their original splendor. 

We also have time-honored video games like Pacman and Space Invaders and other well-known games. With one of our vintage arcade games, you’re sure to get nostalgic and enjoy a trip down memory lane!

We provide everything you need to host a successful event or party, from shooting and driving games to pinball machine rental. We have previously collaborated with companies giving you peace of mind for your momentous occasion. 

Whether it’s a corporate function or a special birthday, retro arcade games are sure to be a hit. Everyone enjoys playing video games, and if you rent pinball machines, it will make everyone happy for the evening.

Why Hire a Pinball Machine in Barcelona for your next event

You’ll adore the selection of pinball machines we have at Games Barcelona. They are available for hire for any event and are sure to be entertaining. 

For instance, some individuals employ them for birthday celebrations, and some businesses select them for a PR events. For pinball machines for rent, browse through our variety of pinball machines now to make your upcoming event or party a success.

You can certainly add the uniqueness element. People have long loved playing and remembering their favorite games on pinball machines for rent. Fewer people have one in their homes, encouraging them to play with their friends more often. Despite being a solo game, it has the power to increase social interaction. Playing pinball and taking turns trying to beat the record can bring people together.

The Takeaway!

To discuss your specific requirements, find out which games are currently available, and create a package that works for you, get in touch with us. No bundle is too small or too big for us to handle; we can hire out one game or more than a dozen; working with games is our specialty; we love to make your events successful.

Feel free to contact us on our website by filling out the inquiry form, or you can contact us at info@games.barcelona. We offer a satisfying customer experience and will not let you down!