Hire Pool Table for your event in Barcelona

Are you looking for a pool table hire service for your upcoming event in Barcelona? We have several pool tables available, and we can deliver them to your location across the city.

We provide traditional American-style pool tables for hire, with balls, chalk, and cue sticks. Upon request, we can provide up to twelve pool tables for you to rent, along with other games like air hockey, ping pong, and arcade equipment. We offer our pool tables for hire in Barcelona and the nearby areas.

Everyone enjoys the traditional pool. For you and your guests, we have tables you can hire, or if you would like, we have enough equipment for you to host an entire tournament! Any little party or sizable corporate event would benefit from having one of our pool tables of the highest caliber. Both red and blue felt hues are available on pool tables.

Our pool tables provide lots of pool cues, a full rack of balls, triangles, diamond racks, and chalk. Pool queue holders are an add-on that is available for more considerable hiring.

What We Offer

Due to the numerous game varieties and the simple learning curve for beginners, renting pool tables remains a popular party choice in Barcelona. Our high-quality 6-foot pool tables are unmatched. Single slate tables with ball returns are available.

You can play a variety of games with a basic pool table rental. Although 9 balls and cutthroat can also be played, 8 ball is the most popular. Any of these games can be played by 2 to 6 players. Teams can be formed to compete against one another.

pool table rental

Why You Should Hire a Pool Table

Hiring a classic pool table for your event will probably increase the number of guests you attract. Social events with pool tables are frequently preferred over those without them when people seek a good experience, especially when traveling in a large group to a place they want to enjoy being invited to. 

A pool table rental provides entertainment or a pleasant diversion for younger guests when the conversation stalls during an event. A fierce game of pool can settle even a traditional pub bet. 

The original and classic pool table cost is significant, and you must also consider maintenance costs. Many people are unaware of how costly its upkeep may be. The truth is that they frequently require cleaning and refelting, and replacement balls and cues are expensive if they disappear or break. 

It’s better to opt for a pool table rental from Games Barcelona to eliminate the stress associated with these hefty expenses. Our price includes everything so you wouldn’t have to worry about any additional expenses. 

The Takeaway!

Games Barcelona is dedicated to providing you with top-notch games in the arcade and pool room for hire. No other business in Barcelona or the suburbs can offer you an entire arcade area to keep hundreds of guests entertained at your event.

Feel free to contact us on our website by filling out the inquiry form, or you can contact us at info@games.barcelona. We offer a satisfying customer experience and will not let you down!