Private Event at Hotel La Gavina in S’Agaró


In a luxurious setting facing the Mediterranean Sea, La Gavina Hotel in S’Agaró became the perfect venue for an unforgettable private event. With the collaboration of Games Barcelona, the evening was filled with excitement and entertainment thanks to an exceptional selection of games.

An Exclusive Event in an Exceptional Place

La Gavina Hotel, known for its elegance and sophistication, provided the perfect backdrop for this special occasion. Located in the beautiful Costa Brava, its impressive facilities and exclusive atmosphere created the ideal setting for a night of fun and camaraderie.

Games for Every Taste

We took care of providing a unique gaming experience with a carefully chosen selection. The giant football table, with its exciting mano a mano competition, the giant Jenga that challenged dexterity and balance, and the ping pong table that inspired matches full of energy and excitement, became the highlights of the night.

Fostering Fun and Connection

With games ranging from competitive action to strategic cooperation, our event at Hotel La Gavina offered something for everyone. From contagious laughter to moments of intense concentration, the games provided a platform for all the guests to connect and enjoy a night of unlimited fun.

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