Table Football hire in Barcelona

Table football hire Barcelona

To think that table football hire in Barcelona is all about a simple table, with handles to move players and hit a ball is all. In reality, there is a great diversity of models of this addictive and competitive game. Perfect for your recreation room at the time of an event, birthday celebration or meeting with friends and family.

Types of table football hire in Barcelona

This fun game has a wide variety of options. Although it is the same dynamic – moving a handle and hitting a ball with the player – there are several presentations. Let’s see what they are and if any of them suits your needs:

Giant football table hire

It is a real waste of excitement, adrenaline, laughter and fun. The design of this giant table football hire in Barcelona is like something out of a spell book. As its name suggests, it is extensive in length. Although its width is equal, the length allows each team to have several opponents at the same time.

You can say that it is a real encounter of 22 participants (11 in each team) who will be trying to score a goal to the opponent along a large football table court. 

hire table footballLarge football tables for hire

The hire of large football tables Barcelona is the traditional one. Perfect for tournaments or friendly matches between eternal rivals. They can be used in private events or competitive meetings. Among the existing models is the Costa style, which is characterized by being for professional use, with players feet apart and an inclination at the base towards the center of the table.

The Cordoba model is also for professional use. It is one of the earliest designs of football tables in existence. Generally, they have been manufactured with an unmatched level of resistance and quality. Perfect finishes, ideal for tournaments or gatherings of friends.

Finally, the classic model. The one we have all had at home to play with our brothers, cousins and relatives. 

Giant table football hire

Small football table hire

The small model is for five players. Ideal for a hand-to-hand combat between two players. It is compact, light and can be easily moved. It is not very resistant, but it is perfect for that intimate gathering at home, with a reserved audience of guests.

Who can hire football tables in Barcelona?

Table football hire in Barcelona is available for all types of gatherings. From private events at home with friends, to corporate or competitive events. Each model available lends itself to meet the need of a particular theme.

The best part is that they are perfectly maintained and ready to serve the next game. Plus, they’re sturdy in case a player gets a little too excited. It’s time to organize the game, choose the teams and modalities, and let the football game in Barcelona begin.

What do you plan to do in your next event? Do not hesitate to hire the services of table football hire Barcelona. The best entertainment option is to have your own recreation center at home or at the office. Contact us now!